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I Do: Creating Lasting Engagement in Health With Trust and Expertise

Ron Gutman (HealthTap)

Today when people look for health information online, they are met with a flood of information from blogs, helpful apps, countless websites and/or advertisements. The challenge for consumers of health information is to weed through everything and pick out the most accurate, trustworthy, and relevant information that addresses their individual needs. On the providers side, mHealth companies strive to aggregate user data to produce targeted information for their users. The challenge for mHealth companies lies in creating a lasting engagement with those users. Ron Gutman, the founder and CEO of HealthTap believes that the key to maintaining long lasting relationship with users is twofold, (i) true expertise and (ii) true personalization. He will discuss how to create compelling user experiences through providing ways for people to discover health information and find answer to health questions without having to enter or collect numeric data about themselves or decide what personalized information is relevant to the question being asked. By doing this, the users are able to engage in a level that is truly personalized to them.

Photo of Ron Gutman

Ron Gutman


Founder and CEO of HealthTap, and formerly founder and CEO of Wellsphere (acquired by HealthCentral), Ron is the Curator of TEDx Silicon Valley – inspiring innovation for social change, an advisor to early and late stage technology and health companies, and an angel investor focusing on early stage technology startups.

A life-long entrepreneur, Ron has always been passionate about making people’s lives better. After starting his career at the age of 17 by founding and growing several businesses in the wine and dine industries, he decided to return to academia to learn about and conduct research on technology, social entrepreneurship and health. As a graduate student at Stanford, he became a leader of the Business Association of Stanford’s Engineering Students, and organized a multidisciplinary group of graduate students and faculty from the schools of Medicine, Engineering, Business, Law and Psychology to research ways to help people live healthier happier lives. The group initially focused on personalized medicine, and later expanded its research to personalized health information.

After graduating from Stanford Ron founded Wellsphere based on an innovative model using technology, information, and the power of communities to help millions of people improve their health and well-being. Wellsphere has grown to become the leader in online health 2.0, and one of the largest health sites on the Internet and was acquired in early 2009. Ron recently founded HealthTap to help you and your doctor make better decisions about your health and well being, using data.

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