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Big Data for the Healthcare Executive

Yadid Ayzenberg (MIT Media Lab)
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Although the vast majority of healthcare related data is still in unstructured form, this is changing with the increased adoption of Electronic Medical Records(EMRs), Patient Health Records (PHRs), wearable sensors and mobile technology. In addition, the availability of cheap and widely available computation and tools are creating a unique opportunity to improve patient outcomes, reduce costs and improve operations by utilizing data analytics technologies.
If we are to reap the benefits from this data, we should utilize Big Data technologies. If its imaging or admissions data, finance or ambulatory monitoring data, all of these can benefit.

Everyone is talking about implementing infrastructures for big data, but what does that actually entail? How is this different from classic database platforms? How is data aggregated, transmitted, stored, analyzed and visualized in the Big Data era ?
In this session, I will provide answers to these questions and more. I will survey the big data technological landscape and ecosystem, the various tools and platforms that are powering today’s Internet and tomorrow’s healthcare systems, and shed some light on the jargon associated with the field. I will discuss – data acquisition techniques, unstructured, semi-structured and structured storage systems, and data processing frameworks in a healthcare context. I will also cover the basics of cloud computing, data resilience and talk about hosted vs. standalone systems.

If you are a healthcare executive thinking about implementing a data warehouse and intrigued by terms such as Hadoop, Storm, Hive, Kafka, DynamoDB, Cassandra, ACID and BASE – you will definitely find this session informative and valuable.

Photo of Yadid Ayzenberg

Yadid Ayzenberg

MIT Media Lab

Yadid Ayzenberg is a PhD student in the Affective Computing Group at the MIT Media Lab. He is interested in personalized health – applying new technologies to empower individuals to take control of their health and wellness. At the Media Lab, Yadid has designed and implemented cloud platforms for the aggregation, processing and visualization of bio-physiological sensor data and mobile contextual data. He is creating new devices and platforms that allow users to monitor their health and share the data with others. His expertise include cloud computing, real-time software, embedded systems design, and HCI.

Prior to MIT, yadid spent 12 years in the IT industry in various engineering management roles designing software for companies ranging from optical semiconductor design, to medical device manufacturers. Most recently he was the director of Software in PMC-Sierra, a fabless semiconductor provider.

Yadid holds a B.Sc in Mathematics and Computer science from Ben Gurion University, an executive MBA from the Kellogg school of management and an M.Sc. from MIT.

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