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Improving the Business of Healthcare with Big/Complex Data - CANCELED

Nancy Braun (Thavron Solutions)
Deal-Flow, Patient Engagement, Platforms, Value-Based Care Salon F
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Big/Complex data should be leveraged to find innovative ways to improve the process of providing the right healthcare to the right people at the right cost. For the patient facing side of Healthcare (providers and insurers), ROI and meaningful innovation require melding data analytics with the human element. Business Analysis and Organizational Change skills are critical factors in healthcare innovation, but ones which data geeks are often lacking. On the other hand, many skilled business analysts do not understand when or why big/complex data analysis can be leveraged for Data Driven Business Transformations. The problems involved with understanding and improving the costs and complexities of the people and systems required to provide health services are the perfect opportunity to merge the two worlds. In contrast, doing new and innovative analysis in isolation can lead to an answer with no question. We may end up with better drugs or interesting personal health apps, but as important as it is to provide better health solutions, it is often the difference of life or death to a provider to be able to improve the business of healthcare.

Nancy Braun

Thavron Solutions

As Director of Complex Data Solutions and Technology Business Management, I work with Healthcare providers to help them discover the critical questions to ask of their data, assist in the deployment and integration of visualization tools for both initiative and regulatory driven reporting, and design and implement tools and processes to better manage IT Costs through the Healthcare value stream.

Education: MS, Developmental Biology at Purdue University

BS, Biology, Philosophy at Randolph-Macon College

History: Zuna Infotech, Zone Manufacturing Technologies, Knowrtl, InTech Magazine, Delphi

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