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So, You've Built a Health Sensor Device. What Should You Do With the Data?

Rachel Kalmar (Sensored)
Data Liquidity Salon F
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So, you built a health sensor device? Awesome. Given the rise of the maker, hardware, and crowdfunding movements, it is becoming increasingly easy to build a device and start a health sensor company. As an entrepreneur, device maker, or data scientist, how should you be thinking about data? This session will provide an overview of the data ecosystem, focusing on the tradeoffs of different frameworks in the context of real world examples.

One critical issue is data accessibility. If your hardware has an outgoing data stream (e.g. a fitness sensor device), how do you decide how much data to make available to the user, developers, or other apps or devices? In an ideal and open world, you would provide access to all data. But how do you remain competitive if you allow others to build competing software using data from your device? There are a number of nuanced decisions that we all face, which will ultimately determine how accessible and how useful our products can become. In this session, we will discuss issues surrounding data accessibility: why you should care, and the tradeoffs of different approaches from technical and business perspectives.

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Rachel Kalmar


Rachel is a data scientist at Misfit Wearables, where she wrangles noisy data and sensors anything and everything she can. A Stanford neuroscience PhD, she’s spent over a decade using data to explain, predict and influence behavior. She is active in the Bay Area hardware community and runs Sensored, a 700+ person meetup group for people working on sensor devices and applications ( Rachel is an alum of the, Singularity University, and Rock Health, and her favorite hashtag is #geekparadise.

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