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Broken Premises: Why Models Fail and What to Do About It

wendy hou (Rogue Wave Software), Roxy Cramer (Rogue Wave)
Deal-Flow Salon H-K
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Practical problem solving involves more than just applying the latest model or technique. As your data changes, how do you build an application that adapts to those changes? We will describe several different models, review examples of model variations and discuss how to select the right baseline model to start with. From that point, we will cover recommendations on including variables that allow you to monitor and tune the models – and basically make them adaptable to changes in your data. We will walk through the Data Analysis Process, covering both techniques and examples at each stage of the process. Once you have a similar process built-in to your applications, you will know when models begin to fail. This notification will help you take immediate corrective actions, which could include tweaking parameters, changing inputs, or building up completely new models with corrected assumptions.

Photo of wendy hou

wendy hou

Rogue Wave Software

Ms. Wendy Hou, Principal Product Manager for Rogue Wave Software’s line of analytic products, has more than 25 years of experience in the enterprise software industry. Having worked with many industry-leading organizations, Ms. Hou has expertise in enterprise databases; hardware and software integration; application performance, availability, and recoverability; and consulting with clients from financial, oil and gas, OEMs, and ISVs. She holds a Master of Applied Mathematics Degree, a Minor in Physics, and various certifications in IT, database, and BI applications.

Photo of Roxy Cramer

Roxy Cramer

Rogue Wave

Dr. Roxy Cramer is a PhD statistician with over 15 years’ experience in applied statistics, software design, and programming. Her experience includes many years building and deploying statistical models in software applications across a number of industries, including airline, healthcare, and oil and gas.

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