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The Changing Legal Landscape - How the HITECH/HIPAA Final Rule Affects Health Data Research and Liquidity

Ann Waldo (Wittie, Letsche & Waldo, LLP), Roger Magoulas (O'Reilly Media)
Data Liquidity Salon H-K
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The complex HITECH/HIPAA Final Rule on medical privacy released this year has numerous provisions that will affect research, patient access to data, and overall data liquidity. Understanding these changes is critical to designing data initiatives and start-up business models. This interactive session will focus on:
- the changes liberalizing some key requirements for medical research,
- the unfortunate new barriers to data research and database liquidity,
- the significant expansion in patients’ ability to access their own data, and how that can not only improve patient care and engagement but also could foster “data donation” for research.

Ann Waldo, DC-based health information lawyer and lobbyist, will explain the legal changes, focusing on their real-world significance. Roger Magoulis of O’Reilly will question her, honing in further on the new Rule’s practical applications to data-intensive research. They will also outline how the legal framework could be improved to better advance data analytics and research breakthroughs.

Photo of Ann Waldo

Ann Waldo

Wittie, Letsche & Waldo, LLP

Ms. Waldo’s law practice is focused on privacy, information security and health care issues. She is experienced in advising clients regarding privacy compliance, risk management, information security, marketing, international data transfers, and integrating privacy goals into business strategies. She counsels and represents clients regarding public policy, external relations, and government relations matters in the fields of privacy and health care.

Ms. Waldo served as an in-house lawyer for much of her career. She was the global Chief Privacy Officer for Lenovo, a large international computer manufacturer, where she was responsible for compliance with privacy laws applicable to marketing, human resources, international data transfers, and product development. She also represented the company’s public policy positions in domestic and international privacy conferences and negotiations. She previously led privacy compliance as Chief Privacy Officer for Hoffmann-La Roche, a large international pharmaceutical company, and worked in public policy for GlaxoSmithKline, providing legislative support on privacy and other matters. She was actively involved with the International Pharmaceutical Privacy Consortium. She served as in-house counsel at IBM, working on consumer protection, marketing, and e-business. Prior to her work at IBM, she had been a commercial litigator and had handled tax legislation for a state legislature.

She counsels clients on consumer-law privacy matters, which apply to businesses in general, as well as privacy laws specific to the health care sector (HIPAA and HITECH). She has particular interest in and experience with emerging technologies that handle sensitive health information, such as personal health records, genetics-related companies, and Health Information Exchanges. She has served on the Personal Health Record work group for the Certification Commission on Health Information Technology, has advised a state Health Information Exchange, and currently serves on the Board of Advisors for the Harvard SHARP grant on substitutable electronic health record components.

A frequent public speaker, Ms. Waldo is active in the International Association of Privacy Professionals and the Carolina Privacy Officials Network, has consulted with foreign governments regarding privacy laws, and has represented the United States government in APEC privacy talks in Korea and Australia. She is a Certified Information Privacy Professional.

Photo of Roger Magoulas

Roger Magoulas

O'Reilly Media

Roger Magoulas is the vice president of O’Reilly Radar. Previously, Roger was the research director at O’Reilly, where he and his team built the company’s analysis infrastructure and provided analytic services and insights on technology-adoption trends to business decision makers at O’Reilly and beyond. He and his team found what excites key innovators and use those insights to gather and analyze faint signals from various sources to make sense of what others may adopt and why.​

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