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The Next 700 Mood Trackers - Creating Your Own Health Experiments with Paco

Bob Evans (Google Inc)
Data Liquidity, Patient Engagement, Platforms, Precision Medicine Salon H-K
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How many times have you heard about some new health finding and wondered if it actually works? What about the endless stream of self help or pop neuroscience books? Do their theories actually pan out in the wild? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to test them for yourself?

Come to this session to learn how to quickly and easily create your own personal mobile wellness experiments, or, how to build experiments for your research program. This is hands-on but does not require programming, though you can use programming to create advanced experiments using Javascript and html.

Over the last several several years, Paco, an opensource mobile research platform, has been used by Google, many University researchers, and thousands of individuals to build unique behavioral science experiments. Individuals have used it for everything from tracking allergies to newborn food consumption. Researchers have used it to study daily experience, work-life balance, stress, meditation, substance use, and science class engagement.

You can create your very own mood/exercise/peanut butter cookie eating/substance use/stress/fuel economy/flatulence tracker with no programming and have it running on your phone in minutes, for free. And, all your experimental data is in one place and exportable so you can mash it up, correlate it, or visualize it how ever you like.

We will go through creating, deploying, and running various types of mobile experiments as well as accessing the data for visualization and correlation.

Photo of Bob Evans

Bob Evans

Google Inc

Bob Evans is a tool maker. His work is dedicated to augmenting human intelligence and quality of life by providing tools to support analysis and exploration. For the past three years of his time as a software engineer at Google, Bob has been working onĀ an open source, free platform called Paco (named after his dog, but, you can also call it the Personal Analytics COmpanion to sound more official). Paco allows individuals and behavior scientists to easily create and conduct behavior studies and interventions on mobile phones.

Before that he built tools just for software engineers at Agitar Software, Borland Software, and other companies.

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