Next-gen Disease Management

Location: Plaza Room B Level: Intermediate
Jin Hahn (Stanford University), David Kil (HealthMantic)
We describe the impacts of a sensor-validated social health model on improving health by processing lifestyle and medical data obtained from a clinical trial. Analysis results show the importance of well-designed social fitness games and frictionless sensor environments in improving the fitness of participants. Furthermore, predictive models show the importance of social elements in health. Read more.
Location: Plaza Room B Level: Intermediate
Nadav Aharony (Google)
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The Social fMRI is a novel methodology that uses phones as social & behavioral sensors, aggregated to create a rich multi-dimensional image of a living community. We used it to collect over one million hours of data, helping us investigate topics of health, wellness & more. We tested new social game mechanics, doubling physical activity - during Winter in Boston. Did I mention it’s open source? Read more.
Location: Plaza Room A Level: Intermediate
Christos Tryfonas (VMware), Karthik Kannan (Cetas by VMware)
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Hospitals, healthcare providers & insurance companies have traditionally been using standard statistical & Bayesian approaches for data modeling and predictive analytics. But these approaches fall short in the light of the very large volume, variety and velocity of Big Data. In this session, we talk about machine learning & combinatorial algorithms that can enable personalized recommendations. Read more.


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