Ari Gesher

Ari Gesher
Engineering Ambassador, Palantir Technologies

Website | @alephbass

Ari Gesher is a senior software engineer and engineering ambassador at Palantir Technologies. He is co-author of the upcoming book Architecture of Privacy, about building data systems that responsibly handle sensitive data. Ari can often be found speaking on the topic of privacy protections, big data, and the limits of automated decision making.

At Palantir Technologies, Ari has split his time between working as a design prototyper for the user interface team, a backend engineer on Palantir’s analysis platform, thinking and writing about Palantir’s vision for human-driven information data systems, and moonlighting on both Palantir’s Privacy and Civil Liberties team and Philanthropic engineering team. His current role involves understanding and discussing Palantir’s role in the world of analytics, big data, the future of technology, and its impact on the world.

An alumnus of the University of Illinois computer science department, Ari has worked in the software industry for the past 15 years, including a stint as the lead engineer for the open source software archive.


Data and Analytics
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Ari Gesher (Palantir Technologies), Lauren Chaparro (Palantir Technologies)
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As healthcare organizations gain access to more data, they rely increasingly on complex systems and predictive tools. This has led to a divide between technical analysts and decision-makers. We will live demo a system that bridges this gap using an integrated set of big-data technologies mated with an interactive GUI. This demo uses 10 years of Medicare claims consisting of 1.2 billion records. Read more.


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