Health Data Now: The Untapped Potential Of Structured Data Stuck On Paper

Moderated by:
Darren Hite (Aberdare Ventures)
Kuang Chen (Captricity), Mohit Kaushal (West Health), Kyna Fong (ElationEMR), Geoffrey Nudd (ClearCare)
Data and Analytics
Location: Plaza Room A Level: Non-technical
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Paper forms hold valuable structured, computable data. The community’s slow progress in adopting digital tools suggest that a long tail of paper will persist long after early adopters go digital. The primary challenges are the cost of converting paper backlogs, and the business workflow and user behavior changes necessary to adopt digital tools. Organizations are choosing keep their paper processes, and digitize paper in batches for compliance and reporting. If we want health data now, we must embrace the paper challenge.

This panel will discuss the persistence of paper, importance of paperbound data, and potential of leveraging that data. We bring together health and tech perspectives for a deep dive into this ever-present problem. We’ll hear four panelists, representing payers, strategists, healthcare technology VCs, and health-oriented startups.

Discussion will center around:

  1. The scenarios where paper use is most problematic
  2. The ROI of digitizing backlog forms, as well as, on-going operational forms
  3. The potential of health data partnerships, and the network effect on public, de-identified datasets
  4. The trends in health tech startups, and how they tackle the paper problem
  5. Tools, new and old, for extracting structured data from paper forms

A new generation of innovative health technologies can be created with the help of a paper form data extraction API. These new tools, coupled with community desire to sponsor public, shared datasets, have the potential to generate great value on top of existing paper-based workflows, and pave the way for smoother digital tools adoption.

Photo of Darren Hite

Darren Hite

Aberdare Ventures

Joined firm in 2006; prior experience in healthcare banking at Robertson Stephens and corporate development at Medtronic. Leading Aberdare investment focus in healthcare technology convergence. Founding investor, Rock Health. Attended Georgetown University School of Medicine, Stanford MBA; Stanford Biodesign; AB, Princeton University.

Current Aberdare Boards: goBalto
Select Other Investments: Jiff, Sonitus, Rock Health, Omada Health

Photo of Kuang Chen

Kuang Chen


Kuang Chen co-founded Captricity, a tech startup creating a paper form digitization web service. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from UC Berkeley, where his dissertation explored the core technology behind Captricity and its role in digitizing information in the developing world. Prior to graduate school, he joined his undergraduate mentor in a startup effort to bring computational work-flows to drug discovery laboratories. He also holds a BS in Computer Science and a BA in the Comparative History of Ideas from the University of Washington.

Photo of Mohit Kaushal

Mohit Kaushal

West Health

Dr. Mohit Kaushal is the Executive Vice President of Business Development and Chief Strategy Officer of the collective West Health effort, an independent, one-of-a-kind initiative whose mission is to lower health care costs by creating innovative, patient-centered solutions that deliver the right care at the right place at the right time. As a member of the executive leadership team, he identifies and pursues strategic opportunities to advance its mission through the West Health Institute, West Health Policy Center, West Health Investment Fund and West Health Incubator.

Dr. Kaushal has had an extensive career within clinical medicine, academic research, venture capital, public health and health policy. Previously, Kaushal built and led the first dedicated health care team at the Federal Communications Commission, where his team initiated collaboration with the Food and Drug Administration for the regulatory streamlining of converged telecommunication and medical devices and produced the Health Care chapter of the National Broadband Plan. During his time in government he was a member of the White House Health IT task force and testified to Congress on the application of beneficial technology to the Medicare population.

Prior to this position, Kaushal was an investment professional at Polaris Venture Partners, and held roles with Merrill Lynch’s Health Care Investment Banking Group and the World Health Organization. In addition to his role at West Health, Kaushal is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at George Washington University and serves on the advisory board of the Johns Hopkins University Biomedical Engineering department. He also serves as a mentor to the HHS Innovation Fellows Program and has been appointed to the National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics advising HHS on Data Access and Use. Kaushal holds an MBA from Stanford and an MD with distinction from Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London.

Photo of Kyna Fong

Kyna Fong


I’ve been involved in physicians’ practices for as long as I can remember. My dad is a physician with his own practice, and at various points in time I’ve served as full-time receptionist, billing staff, and office manager. I’ve also been fortunate enough to interact with healthcare at a policy level. Currently I am an economics professor at Stanford University, focused on healthcare and game theory, and recently I spent two years as a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Scholar in Health Policy at UC Berkeley and UCSF. I also have a background in computer science.

I helped found Elation because I felt compelled. I see an immense threat to patient care brought on by inadequate IT systems and a vast disconnect between policy-makers and front-line clinicians. Technology has offered dramatic improvements in so many other aspects of life. Why not this critically important one? That’s where Elation fits in, and that’s why I’m here.

Photo of Geoffrey Nudd

Geoffrey Nudd


Geoffrey Nudd is the CEO of ClearCare, the leading online platform for home care agencies and the people they serve. ClearCare connects home care agencies, caregivers, seniors and their families in a shared platform that improves business results for agencies and care outcomes for seniors. Prior to ClearCare, Geoff was a Principal at innovation and IP consulting firm, ipCapital Development Group. He has his MBA from the Kellogg School of Management where he was a Motorola Scholar, and his B.S. in Engineering from Northwestern University.


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