AgaMatrix Fights Diabetes using Data and Design

Sridhar Iyengar (AgaMatrix)
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AgaMatrix is a technology company that uses big data to help treat diabetes in a variety of ways.

1. Collecting data

One of the challenges in the treatment of chronic diseases in collecting accurate data. Patients tend not to record information and often introduce errors in the data when they do. The first mHealth product we developed, the iBGStar a glucose meter that connects to the iPhone and was designed to solve both problems. We designed a user experience that makes data collection painless and useful for patients while providing real time accurate data to researchers.

2. Using data to turn chemistry problems into hardware/software opportunities

AgaMatrix biosensors deliver nearly twice the accuracy for half the cost. Our biosensor technology flipped a 20 year old category on its head by generating and analyzing big data.

Prior to AgaMatrix, the standard practice in glucose monitoring was for scientists to increase biosensor performance by devising better enzymes, reagents, and chemical formulations. Our team took off the shelf chemistry, developed a method to interrogate the sensor to produce orders of magnitude more data, and passed the results through a digital signal processing filter to make sense of it. We turned a chemistry problem into a data problem and continue to find new ways to solve it.

3. Data and Manufacturing

We produce a couple million biosensors per day and with any biological process you will experience variation. Environmental conditions, operator error, and even the mechanical state of production tools have a huge impact on product performance and manufacturing yield.

We’ve built up a technical infrastructure that allows us to get real time data from the production line and from blood tests. We can analyze that data, spot dangerous trends in results, and make adjustments on the factory floor to continuously improve product performance and manufacturing yields.

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Sridhar Iyengar


Sridhar Iyengar Ph.D. is the founder and CTO of AgaMatrix, a rapidly growing medical device company that invents, designs, and manufactures blood glucose meters and biosensors for people with diabetes. AgaMatrix products are sold worldwide by Sanofi, Medco, Walmart, Target, and are used by millions of patients across the globe.

AgaMatrix’s core technology “WaveSense” combines Sridhar’s background in electrical engineering and biological sciences into the concept of Dynamic Electrochemistry which couples an advanced DSP approach to enhance biosensor performance.

AgaMatrix recently released the first medical device capable of analyzing blood that works with the iPhone and is helping shape the future of mobile health.

Sridhar has several patents granted under his name and received his Ph.D. from Cambridge University as a Marshall Scholar.


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