The New Startup's Influence on Healthcare Data Fluidity

Imagine being the founder of a seed stage company walking into the white house conference room full of healthcare leaders running hundred-billion dollar companies, all gathered to determine health data standards. Knowing what a challenge accessing health data has been for your company, the National Coordinator of Healthcare IT turns all attention to you and asks “What is it that you need from us in order to keep innovating?”

Rebecca Woodcock is the founder of CakeHealth, a web-application that that provides transparency to healthcare coverage and expenses, helping individuals and families track, manage, and reduce their healthcare costs.

As a seed stage company founder, she has had the unique opportunity to be involved in some of the data standardization and interoperability conversations at the white house level, representing the voice of the entrepreneur. She is on the front lines of data implementation testing different methods to close the loop for consumers to access to their health data, from plan purchase to the ongoing relationship with the healthcare system.

She will cover the challenges that collaborative task forces have chosen to tackle to increase data fluidity, such as improving push/pull transmissions, verifying authorization and identities, and improving the data content and metadata.

As large corporations and government alike are preparing themselves to be platforms for entrepreneurs, she will also discuss how she became an early tester for these data sets and new security and interoperability solutions.
With an ever growing amount of health data through digitization, and its increasing accessibility through publishing and APIs, she will explain how now is a terrific time for entrepreneurs to build health companies without a healthcare background….and how a little startup might just be able to solve some of the big challenges in healthcare.


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