Strata Jumpstart

Strata Jumpstart is for business managers, strategists, and entrepreneurs.

Strata Jumpstart is a crash course on how to manage the data deluge that's transforming traditional business practices across the board—in finance, marketing, sales, legal, privacy/security, operations, and HR. Join us for an intense, day-long deep dive.

Strata Summit

Strata Summit is for executives, entrepreneurs, and decision-makers.

Strata Summit is two days of executive-level interviews, plenaries, and essential high-level strategies for thriving in "the harsh light of data," delivered by the battle-tested business and technology pioneers in big data who are leading the way.


Strata Conference is for developers, data scientists, data analysts, and other data professionals.

Strata Conference covers the latest and best tools and technologies for this new discipline, along the entire data supply chain—from gathering, cleaning, analyzing, and storing data to communicating data intelligence effectively. With hardcore technical sessions, case studies, and provocative reports from the leading edge, Strata Conference showcases the people, tools, and technologies that make big data work.