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Lean Startup principles are based on the idea that startups are working in an environment where there is an unknown problem with an unknown solution. They are built to learn from the start. Applying these principles to companies later in their lifecycle can be challenging but rewarding.
Emerging technologies - such as big data - can change both the scope and practical impact of the law. This session will explore both the potential impact of big data on the law generally and some of the specific legal issues of concern when monetizing big data.
The abundance of data made it easy to collect and analyze data from online user behavior and discussions. Although it is encouraging to see businesses using such data and making data-driven decisions, we often see decisions based on flawed analyses, or simply using data that measure the wrong things.
At many companies, the total amount of data processed each year will double in less than two years. And the need to share that data-- with employees and with partners, vendors, and customers-- is growing. The odds that corporate information will leak is growing rapidly; we've already seen dramatic examples from the US State Department, and a number of visible banks.
Customers are the reason you’re in business. To earn their continued love and loyalty, you must strive to enhance their experiences across all touchpoints. To earn a larger share of their pocketbooks, you must also target them with offers that suit their specific profiles, needs, and propensities.
The business of running businesses is getting a wake-up call. From flattened hierarchies to an explosion of information, Big Data is reinforcing some old business assumptions and upending others. If you've got a business degree, and you haven't figured out how to apply Big Data to administration, you're vulnerable.
See how to turn otherwise commodity products into timely solutions to unique customer needs by wrapping them with a tailored blanket of information based value-added services. Most customers have needs that go beyond just the basic product; learn to identify those needs and deliver customized value-added services to meet those needs.
Life is all about competition whether nation states, organisations or individuals. This competition invokes a process of evolution and whilst the future cannot be predicted with any certainty, patterns are emerging. Two of the latest patterns include the use of ecosystems in the warfare between organisations and how open source is increasingly becoming deployed as a tactical weapon.
Few disciplines in business have changed as much as marketing. The cost of transmitting a message has dropped to zero, and the flow of content has flipped from one-way broadcast to two-way interaction. Consumers expect genuine interactions; marketers need to scale their numbers efficiently while still targeting with laser precision.
Data management teams need strong cloud computing and database management skills, and proficiency with tools like Hadoop, mapreduce jobs and SQL queries. The analysts need to be deep thinkers and creative modelers with experience in machine learning and financial modeling—ideally both.

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