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Make Data Work
5–7 May, 2015 • London, UK
Colin Gillespie

Colin Gillespie
Lead Consultant | Senior Lecturer, Jumping Rivers | Newcastle University

Website | @csgillespie

Colin Gillespie is a statistician and an associate professor at Newcastle University, UK, where he works on computational statistics, big data problems, and scalable Bayesian inference. He has taught courses on R for over ten years, attracting participants from around the world.


13:30–17:00 Tuesday, 5/05/2015
Data Science
Location: St. James / Regents
Garrett Grolemund (RStudio), Colin Gillespie (Jumping Rivers | Newcastle University)
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Learn how to combine the best ideas of reproducible research into a simple, easy-to-use workflow with R. The Packrat, R Markdown, and Shiny packages let you (a) embed your code into reports to create a reproducible record of your work, (b) rerun the code to generate a new report as data and ideas change, and (c) export your reports into multiple formats, including pdfs and interactive web apps. Read more.