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Make Data Work
5–7 May, 2015 • London, UK

The data strategy revolution: building an in-house data insights lab

Nathan Shetterley (Accenture), Hallie Benjamin (Accenture), John Miller (ModelWorks)
10:55–11:35 Thursday, 7/05/2015
Business & Industry
Location: Blenheim Room - Palace Suite
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Prerequisite Knowledge

Attendees should bring business issues they are trying to solve with their current approaches to data science, data architecture, and data visualization. The speakers will discuss several use cases of how we tackle these problems in a data science lab.


When John Miller was doing data strategy work as a partner at Accenture, he would bring in Nate Shetterley’s team at Accenture’s Technology Labs to help make concepts practical for his clients. The Labs could pull together open source technology and open data, create a visualization, and mock up a prototype in a few weeks, leaving clients wowed by the power of data science and visualization to help them understand the questions at hand.

It became clear to Nate that this was something many Accenture teams were missing – a small innovation group that could focus on cutting-edge data and technologies to help bring concepts to life. He invited John to join him at Labs, to help develop this idea and make it available to other teams at Accenture.

It wasn’t long before they realized that this is in fact what most clients were missing – an in-house data exploration capability. In essence, clients wanted their own Technology Labs to help them develop and apply data insights in real time. John and Nate brought Hallie Benjamin over to the Labs to help them build this concept more concretely, and prove to both Accenture and its clients that they had been thinking about data strategy all wrong.

In this talk John, Nate, and Hallie will explain their perspective on the existing approach to data strategy, and how organizations must shift to incorporate a dedicated technology innovation lab to pave the way for exploration of new data frontiers.

Photo of Nathan Shetterley

Nathan Shetterley


Nathan Shetterley is a senior manager for Accenture’s research into emerging data architectures, analytics, and visualizations. He leads multiple teams of researchers and developers who are building data-driven analytical solutions based on the next generation of distributed, horizontally-scaling data storage and analysis technologies, using cutting-edge data acquisition, integration, quality, processing, and end-to-end enterprise data management, analytic, and visualization technologies.

Shetterley is an experienced data architect with a background in smart grid/AMI operations strategy, serving either in SI&T, ESCO, or utility client roles for most of his career. He has extensive experience with home area network technologies, measurement and verification, and AMI/smart grid process design. Nathan also has deep expertise in RFP evaluation and vendor management.

Photo of Hallie Benjamin

Hallie Benjamin


As the Business Enablement Lead for the Data Insights group at Accenture Technology Labs, Hallie is focused on making analytics and data science more accessible to internal and client leadership. She also runs the Accenture-University of California, Berkeley Data & Analytics Partnership, which aims to build the next generation of data-savvy business leaders. Originally from Toronto, Canada, Hallie currently lives in San Francisco. She holds a Masters degree in Economics from the University of Toronto, and a BA Economics and Political science from McGill University.

Photo of John Miller

John Miller


John Miller is the managing director of the Data Insights R&D group at Accenture’s Technology Lab. He is responsible for overseeing the group’s most innovative research and innovation, and building relationships with clients and research partners around the globe.