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Make Data Work
5–7 May, 2015 • London, UK

Where the rubber meets the road: Decision-making based on data

Christine Foster (ShopKeep)
10:55–11:35 Wednesday, 6/05/2015
Business & Industry
Location: Blenheim Room - Palace Suite
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I’ll present a collection of case studies for:
- Entering a completely data-free environment at EMI Music, which eventually got written up as a leader in big data analytics by The Economist.
- Experiencing the traditional strategy consulting business, where the work can involve creating first-party data as well as slicing and dicing the client’s own data.
- Working with a world-class data organization at American Express that had some analysis-paralysis and perfectionist tendencies.
- Joining a point-of-sale startup with extremely specific and narrow data, and how I’m making that more valuable through mash-ups at ShopKeep.

Attendees will learn:
- Where to focus their analytic efforts to be relevant to business owners
- Which shortcuts to take, and which ones not to take
- When to use a more iterative vs waterfall approach to implementing predictive models
- How to evaluate third-party data and explain that back to business owners

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Christine Foster


Christine Foster is currently the VP of data science at ShopKeep. She started her career as a generalist strategy consultant with Bain & Company, doing sums and averages and PowerPoint. Christine worked on data mashups at EMI Music, which is where she remembered she knew a lot more about regression models than most MBAs. Most recently, she ran digital targeting analytics for the consumer card business at American Express and benefited from sitting near some very impressive modelers in the Risk & Information Management department.