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5–7 May, 2015 • London, UK

Introducing Apache Flink: Fast and reliable data analytics in clusters

Stephan Ewen (data Artisans)
17:05–17:45 Thursday, 7/05/2015
Hadoop & Beyond
Location: Buckingham Room - Palace Suite
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Apache Flink ( is an open source project undergoing incubation in the Apache Software Foundation. Flink creates a data analysis engine that is designed to match Hadoop in reliability and Spark in performance.

The project pushes the technology forward in many ways: Flink is compatible with the Hadoop ecosystem and runs on top of HDFS and YARN. Flink’s programs are not executed directly but are optimized by Flink’s cost-based optimizer similarly to what SQL engines do for relational algebra programs. This means that Flink applications require little (re-)configuration and little maintenance when the cluster characteristics change and the data evolves over time.

Flink’s runtime implements a unique approach to memory management, using in-memory execution as much as possible and very gracefully degrading to disk-based execution when memory is not enough. Flink introduces native closed-loop iteration operators, making graph analysis and machine learning applications very fast on the platform.

Finally, Flink’s runtime is a true data streaming engine, unifying batch processing and true stream processing in a single system. Flink is an active open source project with more than 70 contributors from industry and academia.

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Stephan Ewen

data Artisans

Stephan Ewen is one of the originators and committers of the Apache Flink project, and is a CTO at a Berlin-based startup where he leads the effort to create a novel distributed system for reliable large-scale data processing.

Stephan holds a Ph.D. from the Berlin University of Technology, and is a co-author of the Stratosphere system. He has worked on data processing technologies at IBM and Microsoft in the past.