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5–7 May, 2015 • London, UK

Getting started with Apache Cassandra

Christopher Batey (Freelance)
9:00–12:30 Tuesday, 5/05/2015
Tools & Technology
Location: Blenheim Room - Palace Suite
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Prerequisite Knowledge

I'll assume no previous knowledge.

Materials or downloads needed in advance

Attendees are welcome to just observe - to run the examples you'll need a laptop with: - Java 8 - Gradle (for building) - Git (for checking our example project) - A Java IDE e.g IntelliJ - Cassandra 2.1.* (installation instructions will follow and be part of the tutorial)


This workshop is a kickstart, hands-on tutorial on getting started with Apache Cassandra. It will cover Cassandra internals that will help you understand how Cassandra archives fast read/writes and how it handles machine/rack/data center failure.

Hour 1: Core concepts for Apache Cassandra
– Introduction to Apache Cassandra
– Data modeling
– Fault tolerance

Hour 2: Cassandra under the hood
– Understand how Cassandra writes are so quick
– Understanding Cassandra reads
– Understand how Cassandra replication works including multi DC active active
– Understanding compaction

Hour 3: Building an end-to-end customer event store in Java
– Coding time! We’ll go through how to build an application that can store and retrieve time series event data

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Christopher Batey


Christopher Batey recently joined DataStax as a technical evangelist for Apache Cassandra. Previously he worked as a senior software engineer at BSkyB, where he spent his time designing and developing their next generation, Cassandra-backed platform that powers Sky Go and Now TV. He is a keen blogger, tweeter, and open source advocate.

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Picture of Christopher Batey
Christopher Batey
13/04/2015 16:52 BST

If you want to run the examples your self then yes you’ll need a laptop. Happy for participants to follow my screen if they prefer.

As not to rely on wifi / a VM it would be useful to get Cassandra installed before the day.

If you’re on Mac OSX I recommend using homebrew (what’s easier than brew install casssandra :))

For other platforms I’m a big fan of Cassandra Cluster manager which is an awesome open source utility for downloading / installing / configuring mini cassandra clusters for test and development:

Any questions about installing feel free to ping me on twitter: @chbatey

Chris Webster
7/04/2015 13:38 BST

Question on Cassandra tutorial: Do participants in this tutorial need to bring a laptop?