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5–7 May, 2015 • London, UK


I agree that these terms and conditions set forth in this Conference Presenter Consent ("Consent") shall apply if O'Reilly accepts my presentation proposal for Strata + Hadoop World in London 2015, conducted by O'Reilly Media, Inc. ("O'Reilly" or "you") on May 05 through May 07, 2015 in London, UK ("Conference").

  1. If my proposal is accepted, I will deliver the presentation that is the subject of the proposal (the "Presentation") at the Conference. I understand and agree that audiovisual recordings of the Presentation (the "Video") may be created by you at your expense. You and I agree and acknowledge that I will own the copyright in the Presentation, and you will own the copyright in the Video, subject to my underlying rights in the Presentation. If any material from third parties (e.g., text or images created by or featuring others) is included in the Presentation, I am responsible for obtaining in writing, by no later than the date I deliver the Presentation at the Conference, any permissions necessary for O'Reilly to use and license the Video as permitted herein. For purposes of this Consent, "Presentation" includes any other talks, panels or interviews in which I participate while at the Conference as well as the slide deck (if I choose to provide slide the deck to O'Reilly), and "Video" also includes still photographs of me and/or the Presentation taken by or on behalf of O'Reilly at the Conference.
  2. I grant O'Reilly and its licensees the following rights with respect to the Presentation: (a) to provide access to the Presentation on a real time (live-streamed) and/or post-Conference basis via the Conference website, publicly accessible video-sharing websites (e.g., YouTube) and other websites and/or services; (b) to record the Presentation and edit the recording in order to prepare the Video; (c) to produce, sell, market, display, perform, distribute, provide access to the Video and/or the real time live-stream, on a stand-alone basis or as part of a compilation with other content, in any form or language which we may now or in the future publish, display, distribute, or provide access to similar presentations; and (d) to use the Video and/or the real time live-stream or any part thereof, in promotional and marketing materials relating to the Conference and O'Reilly's products and services generally. I further grant O'Reilly a non-exclusive irrevocable, worldwide right and license to use, and to authorize others to use, my name, voice, likeness, image, logo, trademark, biographical and/or other information provided by me in connection with the exercise of O'Reilly's rights in, and the use of, the Presentation and the Video.
  3. I agree that the only consideration I'll receive in connection with this Consent is the opportunity to make the Presentation at the Conference, and a complimentary All-Access Pass to the Conference. I understand that I will have the limited right to make the Video available for public download, free of charge, on my website or the website of my employer and/or a free video-sharing website (such as YouTube), subject to the consent of my co-presenters (if any), and that any other distribution of the Video by me requires O'Reilly's prior written approval. I understand that I may use the Video file provided to me in my O'Reilly account for this purpose; provided, however, that such right is limited to the Video and excludes content of other speakers included in the complete conference video compilation.
  4. I represent and warrant that: (a) I own the rights granted in this Consent and have the power to make and perform this Consent; (b) the Presentation is my original work, except for pre-existing material which is in the public domain, or for which I will obtain in writing any necessary permissions; (c) the exercise of the rights granted by me hereunder will not violate the rights of others, and (d) the Presentation does not violate laws prohibiting copyright infringement, defamation, misuse of trade secrets, invasion of privacy, or other laws. I will indemnify O'Reilly, and its agents, licensees, affiliates, and employees, and hold each of them harmless, against any liability, loss or cost, including reasonable attorney's fees, arising out of any breach of these warranties and representations.
  5. This Consent constitutes the final, complete, and exclusive agreement between us with respect to its subject matter and may not be modified except by means of a document signed by both of us. This Consent shall be interpreted and enforced in accordance with California law applicable to contracts made and performed in California by California residents.

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