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Make Data Work
December 1–3, 2015 • Singapore

Geo conference sessions

2:20pm–3:00pm Wednesday, 12/02/2015
Masaru Dobashi (NTT DATA Corporation), Yoshitaka Suzuki (IHI Corporation)
We are developing a platform to process massive sensor data obtained from social infrastructures and industrial machinery all over the world, in order to achieve advanced safety management. In this session, we'll talk about the capability of Spark to realize time-series data processing, the best practices of application development, and realistic lessons on operating Spark on YARN.
1:30pm–2:10pm Thursday, 12/03/2015
Evan Chan (Tuplejump)
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This talk will show architectures and techniques for combining Apache Cassandra and Spark to yield a 10-1000x improvement in OLAP analytical performance, and introduce a new open source database that takes advantage of these techniques.
11:00am–11:40am Thursday, 12/03/2015
Felipe Hoffa (Google), Kalev Leetaru (GDELT Project (
The GDELT Project is a real-time open data global graph over human society, inventorying the world’s events, emotions, and narratives in 65 languages, used by organizations from the UN to Wall Street. Google BigQuery enables real-time querying and whole-of-data analysis of GDELT, such as exploring the cycles of world history through mass cross-correlation.
2:20pm–3:00pm Thursday, 12/03/2015
Whye Loon Tung (Nielsen)
Geospatial data is revolutionising the marketing research industry. In this talk, Nielsen researchers will describe how such information is being used by the company to improve internal processes and to give new insights into client behaviour. The goal is to give clients an analytic edge, as will be illustrated through key methodology and insights of recent projects.