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Make Data Work
December 1–3, 2015 • Singapore

Commerce conference sessions

11:00am–11:40am Thursday, 12/03/2015
Deepak Agrawal (24[7] Inc.)
This talk is about an application of big data predictive analytics to improve the online customer experience. The application is built using big data infrastructure with Hadoop, Cassandra, and machine learning algorithms using R and Python, that predict customer intent and take actions in real time to deliver an enhanced experience. Key challenges and lessons learned are also discussed.
11:50am–12:30pm Thursday, 12/03/2015
Utkarsh B (Flipkart), Vinod Venkatraman (Flipkart Internet Private Limited)
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Have you faced the challenge of storing and optimally serving multibillion-row EAV modeled data out of a traditional data store? Monolithic data stores fall short, even with fast storage like SSDs for a large online marketplace, quantified here as 3 billion catalog entries and 100 million catalog updates in a day. This talk is about paradigms and patterns we adopted to address this problem.
1:30pm–2:10pm Wednesday, 12/02/2015
Regunath Balasubramanian (Flipkart Internet)
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Aesop is an open source reliable change data propagation system. It has been used to build tiered data stores using best in class SQL and NoSQL databases. Aesop provides simple pubsub-like interfaces with implementations for popular technologies like MySQL, HBase, Redis, Elasticsearch, and Kafka. Aesop scales to multi-node clusters that process millions of data records.