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December 1–3, 2015 • Singapore
Zhaojuan Bian

Zhaojuan Bian
Engineering Manager, Intel

Zhaojuan Bianny Bian is an engineering manager in Intel’s Software and Service Group, where she focuses on big data cluster modeling to provide services in cluster deployment, hardware projection, and software optimization. Bianny has more than 10 years of experience in the industry with performance analysis experience that spans big data, cloud computing, and traditional enterprise applications. She holds a master’s degree in computer science from Nanjing University in China.


11:50am–12:30pm Wednesday, 12/02/2015
Hadoop Platform
Location: 334-335 Level: Intermediate
Jun Liu (Intel), Zhaojuan Bian (Intel)
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Based on previous experience, there are many challenges in designing an Impala cluster for production, such as table schema, data placement, file format selection, hardware selection, and software stack parameters tuning. We will walk through a real-world case study in the banking and financial services sector to illustrate how we use our simulator-based approach to design an Impala cluster. Read more.