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Make Data Work
December 1–3, 2015 • Singapore

There is no privacy in mobile data

“Our most personal device ever” is Tim Cook’s catch phrase about the Apple Watch. Indeed, the watch monitors not only our movements (with its gyroscope), but also our blood circulation.

Smartphones, mobile devices and other gadgets of the Internet of Things generate and collect up to millions of data points for one person per day. Although we are used to think of people as “average”, more or less doing the same things all the time, the data proves that the opposite is true: People act very distinctly, no two persons are alike – and hence the data collected on mobile devices is more unique than our fingerprints. But we don’t merely track ourselves – our mobile devices also accidentally harvest the data traces of others just passing by.

We’ll present how the data is generated in mobile devices, how to interpret the measurements, and demonstrate the impossibility of turning these data private again.