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Make Data Work
December 1–3, 2015 • Singapore

The journey to value using advanced analytics

Thomas Beaujard (Accenture Digital), Tom Ridsdill-Smith (Woodside)
11:50am–12:30pm Wednesday, 12/02/2015
Location: 332
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In January 2015, Woodside launched a dedicated Data Science function in order to deliver data mining, predictive analytics, machine learning and cognitive computing capability to the entire organisation. These techniques are being used by Woodside to ensure that the business has the right information at the right time to make effective decisions.
The Data Science function is built around a Centre of Excellence model and is responsible for:

  • delivery of projects
  • building a data science platform
  • nurturing an internal data science capability

All activities are carried out with a strong emphasis on collaboration.
In 2015 Woodside is working with Accenture to deliver predictive analytics to Woodside’s LNG operations. By combining Accenture’s expertise in data analytics and Woodside’s leading operational experience in oil and gas, valuable, actionable insights have been discovered throughout 2015. Together, Woodside and Accenture are using big data technologies to challenge what is possible in the oil and gas industry. In this talk we will highlight some of the success stories from this journey so far.

This session is sponsored by Accenture

Photo of Thomas Beaujard

Thomas Beaujard

Accenture Digital

Thomas Beaujard is an Analytics Executive at Accenture Digital based in Perth, Western Australia. He runs the Accenture Digital practice in Perth, and delivers analytics solutions using big data technologies for Mining and Oil & Gas clients. Currently Thomas is the Accenture Analytics Program lead at Woodside, including both data science and big data platform work streams. He has 14 years of consulting experience in solution architecture and project delivery across industries. He holds an Instrumentation/Physics degree from Glasgow Caledonian University and a Master of Science in Remote Sensing and Image Processing technologies from Edinburgh University.

Photo of Tom Ridsdill-Smith

Tom Ridsdill-Smith


Tom manages Woodside’s data science program as VP Science. This program aims to deliver company-wide benefits through the application of predictive analytics, machine learning and cognitive computing techniques. Prior to this he has worked in a variety of roles for Woodside including as Chief Scientist and as Chief Geophysicist. Before joining Woodside in early 2000, Tom worked for 5 years in airborne geophysics at World Geoscience Corporation. Tom is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Western Australia.