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December 1–3, 2015 • Singapore

Office Hour with Markus Kirchberg and Scott Edington (OA Labs Pte. Ltd.)

Markus Kirchberg (Deep Labs Pte. Ltd.), scott edington (OA Labs)
3:10pm–3:50pm Thursday, 12/03/2015
Office Hours
Location: Table B (Office Hours)

The Internet of Things (IoT) promises to be one of the most disruptive and enabling shifts Industry has seen in several decades. Huge opportunities, and challenges, exist across an incredibly broad range of applications, including smart cities, healthcare, retail, finance, home automation, agriculture, industrial control, logistics, and many more.

Does your business face challenges in deriving insights from large and diverse data sources at massive scale and in real-time? Are you interested in creating capabilities to offer hyper-personalised services that create truly unique compelling consumer experiences? Do you have a need to leverage IOT for agile risk mitigation? Meet Markus and Scott to talk about:

  • Next-generation platforms for IoT-driven contextual awareness
  • IoT data capture, integration and sense-making
  • Data intensive decision making
  • Applying bleeding edge technologies to create value in the marketplace
Photo of Markus Kirchberg

Markus Kirchberg

Deep Labs Pte. Ltd.

Dr. Markus Kirchberg serves as the head of OA Labs, Singapore and has responsibility for driving and delivering technology innovation across the Asia Pacific region. Markus has over 15 years of experience in research and technology-driven innovation. His career spans across academia and dedicated research centers as well as industrial research and incubation labs.

Prior to joining OA Labs, Markus headed Visa Labs, Asia Pacific with responsibility for technology innovation and incubation in the Asia Pacific region. Prior to Visa, Markus held the role of expert at HP Labs Singapore, where he led various innovation initiatives on next generation, cross-domain data analytics platforms; research fellow and principle investigator at the Institute for Infocomm Research, A*STAR; and lecturer at Massey University, New Zealand.

His skill set includes full innovation lifecycle management (ideation — research — incubation — production), automating infrastructure, cloud computing, data management at multi-petabyte scale, data privacy, emerging technologies, Internet-of-Things, large-scale data analytics, and extreme transaction processing. Markus has extensive experience across healthcare, logistics, payments analytics and processing, and risk management (compromise/fraud detection/prediction).

He currently holds an adjunct associate professor position with the Department of Computer Science at the National University of Singapore (NUS), where he teaches master degree courses focusing on Applied Data Analytics.

Markus holds a Ph.D. in Information Systems from Massey University, New Zealand and a Master of Sciences in Computer Science degree from the Clausthal University of Technology, Germany.

Photo of scott edington

scott edington

OA Labs

Dr. Scott Edington provides executive leadership and oversight for OA’s Consulting practice and OA Labs. Edington’s career spans over two decades of creating next generation technology capabilities in the Payments, Defense, and Intelligence sectors.

Prior to joining OA, Edington served as the Global Head of Visa Labs & Innovation Enablement for Visa Inc, holding global responsibility for Research & Development and the Open Innovation agenda under the auspices of Visa’s Chief Technology Officer. Visa Labs is responsible for scanning the external marketplace for new technology trends, threats and opportunities which could have real applicability to Visa. The group operated regional incubators to create a pipeline of prototypes to quickly evaluate technology or business opportunities. Edington directed many of Visa’s Open Innovation initiatives and frequently partnered with academia, research organizations, technology incubators, and the start-up community. Edington was also responsible for driving a Culture of Innovation through a number of programs and initiatives designed for staff engagement and democratizing ideation at Visa. Since founding Visa Labs in 2010, Edington played a critical role in both the formulation and execution of Visa’s innovation and technology strategies, and served as a member of Visa’s Architectural Leadership Board (ALB). Edington most recently served as Visa’s representative to the International Organization for Standardization/IEC JTC1 (Study Group on Big Data).
Prior to joining Visa, Edington was a technology executive at Booz Allen Hamilton where he ran the firm’s Technology Injection (emerging technologies) practice. In this capacity he was responsible for all of Booz Allen’s technology injection, R&D, strategic prototyping, and knowledge management & information sharing efforts. Edington also directed the firm’s external technology relationships with Academia, National labs, the vendor community and various technology incubators.
Edington’s programs and initiatives have been featured in such publications as Harvard Business Review, Business 2.0, ComputerWorld, PC World, Fortune, and the Washington Post. In 2008, under his direction Booz Allen created the firm’s first Enterprise 2.0 platform. The platform was later recognized by Industry culminating in the awarding of the 2009 Open Enterprise Innovation and the 2010 CIO 100 awards.
Edington has served as adjunct faculty at Georgetown University and as a member of the Virginia Research and Technology Commission (VRTAC), the Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC), and the Industry Diversity Council. He holds degrees from the University of Virginia and Johns Hopkins University; and industry certifications in the areas of security, strategy, and network computing. Edington is currently based in OA’s global headquarters in San Francisco.