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Make Data Work
December 1–3, 2015 • Singapore

Analytics in action – The analytics lifecycle from data discovery to deployment

Deepak Ramanathan (SAS Asia Pacific)
11:00am–11:40am Wednesday, 12/02/2015
Location: 333
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With Hadoop becoming the chosen Data Platform across enterprises, analytical lifecycles are now being powered with Hadoop being the centrepiece for discovery and deployment. During this talk, attendees will get insights from organisations that are building and deploying thousands of analytical models into their operational environments. In this talk attendees will:

Discover how organisations are establishing the enterprise data hub (alongside or encompassing the former data warehouse).
Find out how others are building large shared clusters and “moving the work to the data.”
Hear how organisations are serving a broad cross section of users and use cases, from traditional data science to ad hoc end user discovery to deployment.
Learn how they’re using techniques that range from old-school batch, to interactive, to acting directly to the stream from the fire hose.
Know how others are creating the environment where experiments that succeed are put to production in record time, and there are no failed experiments.

This session is sponsored by SAS

Deepak Ramanathan

SAS Asia Pacific

Deepak in his role as Chief Technology Officer, has been advising customers across the region on their
analytical strategies. Now in his 11th year at SAS, Deepak works with customers across industries in
identifying business issues which could benefit from an analytical outlook and helps these organizations in
rolling out these analytical solutions. Deepak also doubles up as an analytical evangelist, familiarizing
customers with analytical lifecycles, support structures for deploying, maintaining these initiatives and
developing an ecosystem which would sustain the framework.

Deepak current area of focus is around High Performance Analytics, working with clients to build use cases
and deploying it within the organization. He has been working with customers in Financial Services,
Manufacturing, Retail and Loyalty Optimization and Communications customers to identify and build the
appropriate business cases.

Deepak is based in Singapore and has been working with customers across the Asia Pacific region for the
last 7 years in what has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience.