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Make Data Work
December 1–3, 2015 • Singapore

Data visualizations decoded

Julia Rodriguez (Eagle Investment Systems)
2:20pm–3:00pm Thursday, 12/03/2015
Design, User Experience, Visualization
Location: 334-335 Level: Non-technical
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Prerequisite Knowledge

There are no prerequisites for this talk.


Designing data visualizations presents us with unique and interesting challenges: how to tell a compelling story; how to deliver important information in a forthright, clear format; and how to make visualizations beautiful and engaging. In this talk, Julie will share a few disruptive designs and connect those back to vizipedia, her compiled data visualization library.

Julie will introduce methods used to show revealing insights into how to make it easy to make comparisons, understand connections of impact, and make conclusions of what has or will occur:

  • Comparisons: How do we analyze and compare attributes?
  • Connections: How do we show associations and links between data sets?
  • Conclusions: How do we discover themes?

Data visualization methods are at the core of extracting meaning from data. Together, attendees will explore, uncover, and examine iterations of design ideas.

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Julia Rodriguez

Eagle Investment Systems

Julie Rodriguez is vice president of product management and user experience at Eagle Investment Systems. An experience designer focusing on user research, analysis, and design for complex systems, Julie has patented her work in data visualizations for MATLAB and publishes industry articles on user experience and data analysis and visualization. She is the coauthor of Visualizing Financial Data, a book about visualization techniques and design principles that includes over 250 visuals depicting quantitative data.