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Make Data Work
Sept 29–Oct 1, 2015 • New York, NY
Hilary Mason

Hilary Mason
Vice President, Research, Cloudera Fast Forward Labs

Website | @hmason

Hilary Mason is vice president of research at Cloudera Fast Forward Labs and data scientist in residence at Accel Partners. Previously, Hilary was chief scientist at Bitly. She cohosts DataGotham, a conference for New York’s homegrown data community, and cofounded HackNY, a nonprofit that helps engineering students find opportunities in New York’s creative technical economy. She’s on the board of the Anita Borg Institute and an advisor to several companies, including SparkFun Electronics, Wildcard, and Wonder. Hilary served on Mayor Bloomberg’s Technology Advisory Board and is a member of Brooklyn hacker collective NYC Resistor.


9:00am–5:00pm Tuesday, 09/29/2015
Data-driven Business
Location: 1 E18
Roger Magoulas (O'Reilly Media), Roger Chen (Computable), Ari Gesher (Kairos Aerospace), Hilary Mason (Cloudera Fast Forward Labs), Eva Ho (Susa Ventures), Matthew Tamayo-Rios (Kryptnostic), Ann Johnson (Interana), Gary Marcus (Geometric Intelligence), Shivon Zilis (Bloomberg Beta), Jacomo Corbo (QuantumBlack), Peter Brodsky (HyperScience), Cack Wilhelm (Scale Venture Partners), Alex Rice (HackerOne), Chris Wake (Spire Global, Inc.), Harper Reed (Modest), Dennis Mortensen (, Rajiv Maheswaran (Second Spectrum), Jessica Stauth (Quantopian)
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This is a day to learn about the data innovations that have the potential to blindside even the most careful organizations. Aimed at decision makers, the Innovation + Growth program focuses on how data-oriented startups, academics, and venture capitalists approach innovation and the potential to disrupt incumbent business models. Read more.
9:05am–10:10am Tuesday, 09/29/2015
Location: Hall B
Hilary Mason (Cloudera Fast Forward Labs)
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Using data effectively involves changes in both technology processes and cultural processes. This talk explores the intersection between technology and people through the lens of data analytics, and how companies are able to identify growth opportunities by using their data effectively. Read more.
1:30pm–2:00pm Tuesday, 09/29/2015
Location: 1E 18
Hilary Mason (Cloudera Fast Forward Labs)
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To innovate through data requires changing both technology and cultural processes. This talk uses the lens of data analytics to explore how companies can use data effectively, and how to identify opportunities to move beyond KPIs to use data as a resource for identifying new product and growth opportunities. Read more.