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Make Data Work
Sept 29–Oct 1, 2015 • New York, NY
Kamalesh Rao

Kamalesh Rao
Statistician/Data Scientist/Economist, DataKind

Kamalesh Rao is a North Carolina native who moved to New York City during the second term of Grover Cleveland. He entered the family trade because he was not cool, talented, or brave enough to attempt a career in something interesting or worthwhile like dance, parkour, or accounting. He really likes to write about himself in the third person.


1:15pm–1:55pm Wednesday, 09/30/2015
Law, Ethics, & Open Data
Location: 3D 04/09 Level: Intermediate
Jake Porway (DataKind), Cathy O'Neil (Weapons of Math Destruction), Vladimir Dubovskiy (, Kamalesh Rao (DataKind)
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No matter how good the intentions, ethical questions are inherent in the work of using data for social good. How are organizations navigating ethical pitfalls in order to make an impact? The key is protecting the humanity behind the numbers. In this series of talks, we'll learn how organizations are dealing with ethical considerations inherent in projects that aim to use data for good. Read more.