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Make Data Work
Sept 29–Oct 1, 2015 • New York, NY
Peter Olson

Peter Olson
Director, Creative Technologist, IDEO

Website | @dethtron5000

Peter Olson is a director and creative technologist at IDEO where he focuses on creative, practical, and human-centered applications of technology for clients and the larger design and technical community. He is passionate about using technology and data as tools for storytelling, insight, communication, and understanding.

Prior to joining IDEO, Peter was a founder of and served as a vice president of technology for Marvel Entertainment’s Digital Media Group, where he helped drive innovation and technical strategy within the larger Marvel and Disney organizations. Peter has additionally worked as a consultant for a variety of companies and as an in-house producer and designer for startups. Peter has spoken at many large technology events including Google I/O, Graph Connect, Visualized, NoSQL NOW! and Enterprise Data World. He holds a BA in neuroscience and behavior and studio arts and architecture from Wesleyan University.


2:55pm–3:35pm Thursday, 10/01/2015
Design, User Experience, & Visualization
Location: 3D 03/10 Level: Non-technical
Peter Olson (IDEO), David Boardman (IDEO)
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The experience of data extends beyond capturing, storing, and presenting it. Data can help shape customer journeys through products, change the way organizations communicate, and be either a source of confusion or tool for communication. This talk will focus on how design thinking can be applied to data, and how data design can be applied to a wide array of consumer and organizational experiences. Read more.