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Sept 29–Oct 1, 2015 • New York, NY
Susanna Pirttikangas

Susanna Pirttikangas
Project Researcher, University of Oulu

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Susanna Pirttikangas, D. Sc. (Tech.) received her PhD in embedded systems from the University of Oulu, Finland. Her post-doctoral visits were to Japan (Waseda University, 2004-2005 and Tokyo Denki University, 2008) and China (Tsinghua University, 2011). She is a co-leader of the Interactive Spaces research group within the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. The group is lead by Dean Jukka Riekki, and other co-leaders are Senior Research Fellow Mika Rautiainen and Iván Sánchez. In the team, Susanna works as a data scientist specializing in situation awareness. She has experience in developing methodology to de-noise, fuse, segment, and classify real-time data streams. Susanna has worked in different companies in research and development, and is an active member of the international research community as a workshop and conference organizer, as well as serving as a reviewer and PC member in top journals and conferences in her field.

Dr. Pirttikangas is a management group member of research in the Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, University of Oulu, Finland. She has also has served as a governing board member of Infotech Oulu, an umbrella organization for information technology research at the University of Oulu. Currently, she works in the DIGILE D2I Strategic Centre for Science, Technology and Innovation (SHOK) Program (Traffic mini-ecosystem) and China-Finland ICT Alliance Everyday sensing project. At the University of Oulu, she lectures in the algorithms and data structures course and is actively participating in the development of the department’s curriculum (for example under the topic big data processing).



4:35pm–5:15pm Thursday, 10/01/2015
IoT & Real-time
Location: 3D 02/11 Level: Intermediate
Susanna Pirttikangas (University of Oulu)
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Oulu Smart City has a lively living lab tradition; we continuously collect data and expand our ecosystem of companies, research institutes, city officials, and citizens, and develop data-intensive services on top of the ecosystem. We present real use cases implementing big data platforms and development of higher level distributed reasoning and machine learning to exploit our data lake. Read more.