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Make Data Work
Sept 29–Oct 1, 2015 • New York, NY
Martin Kleppmann

Martin Kleppmann
Software Engineer, Entrepreneur, and Author, University of Cambridge

Website | @martinkl

Martin Kleppmann is a researcher in distributed systems at the University of Cambridge. Previously, he cofounded and sold two startups and worked on large-scale data infrastructure at internet companies including LinkedIn. Martin is the author of Designing Data-Intensive Applications from O’Reilly.


4:35pm–5:15pm Wednesday, 09/30/2015
Data Innovations
Location: 1 E18 / 1 E19 Level: Intermediate
Martin Kleppmann (University of Cambridge)
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Even the best data scientist can't do anything if they cannot easily get access to the necessary data. Simply making the data available is Step 1 toward becoming a data-driven organization. In this talk, we'll explore how Apache Kafka can replace slow, fragile ETL processes with real-time data pipelines, and discuss best practices for data formats and integration with existing systems. Read more.
5:25pm–6:05pm Wednesday, 09/30/2015
Office Hours
Location: Table A (O'Reilly Booth)
Martin Kleppmann (University of Cambridge)