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Make Data Work
Sept 29–Oct 1, 2015 • New York, NY

Cultivating data-design thinking across disciplines

kim rees (Periscopic)
10:10am–11:05am Tuesday, 09/29/2015
Location: Hall B
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If your employees touch your data, from the moment that person arrives on their first day and throughout their career, they should be immersed in data-design thinking. From IT to analysts to programmers to designers — each is responsible for bringing your data to life.

In this talk, Kim Rees will provide techniques used by Periscopic to cultivate data-design thinking across disciplines. She will show examples of how these techniques and processes are used within Periscopic to build skills, increase creativity, and enhance innovation.

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Kim Rees is a founding partner of Periscopic, an award-winning information visualization firm. Their work has been featured in the MOMA, CommArts, PRINT, Adobe Success Stories, and others.

Kim is a prominent individual in the data visualization community. She has been featured in CommArts and the Huffington Post, and has presented at several industry events including Strata, Eyeo, Visualized, and OpenVis among others. She also runs the popular Portland Data Visualization Meetup. Kim received her BA in computer science from New York University.