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Sept 29–Oct 1, 2015 • New York, NY

Your leadership future: Why it's all different now

Eric McNulty (Richer Earth)
2:35pm–3:30pm Monday, 09/28/2015
Location: Hall B Level: Intermediate
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In a highly interactive session, I will draw on work with leaders in corporate and government sectors to explore the rapidly changing demands on leaders and the implications for leader development.

  • The first big shift is moving from linear to complex systems thinking, where relationships and adaptive capacity are most important. It is less about the what and more about the why.
  • The second big shift is redefining focus as a verb rather than a noun. Rather than pointing to a static goal, leaders are constantly adjusting and recalibrating to ensure clarity of purpose, values, and performance amid rapidly changing circumstances. Leaders must tolerate mistakes and low-consequence failure by creating environments of social safety that foster collaboration and innovation.
  • The third major shift is moving the responsibility for leader development from organizations to individuals. While companies will continue to offer programs, truly exceptional leaders move beyond that to own their development experience. This requires understanding how to cultivate personal insight, critical thinking, and curiosity.
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Eric McNulty

Richer Earth

Director of Research, Harvard’s National Preparedness Leadership Initiative
Contributing Editor, Strategy+Business Magazine
Contributing Editor, Business Review (China)
Contributing Editor, Center for Higher Ambition Leadership
Former Contributing Editor, Harvard Business Publishing