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Make Data Work
Sept 29–Oct 1, 2015 • New York, NY

Cultivate: Leading Through Culture

9:00am–5:00pm Monday, 09/28/2015
Location: Hall B

“Command and control” no longer works. Systems, speed, and culture do.

We’re at the cusp of a new network age. The companies defining it are fast, flat, and flexible. They devour data and focus obsessively on their customers. “Analyze and adapt” is their Standing Operating Procedure. At Cultivate, experts from these leading companies will tell you how they do it—and how you can, too.

Join us for Cultivate, a two-day event taking place during Strata + Hadoop World New York.

Your business is facing perpetual change—every business is. And that means everyone responsible for its success—from team leaders up to CXOs—must shift to a new way of managing. Here’s what you’re up against in today’s business environment:

  • Product development cycles–for both online and physical products–are continually contracting, as durable goods with software at the core can be modified nearly as easily as a website.
  • Every company needs to navigate a deluge of data—not to confirm the opinion of the highest-paid person in the room, but to spark intelligent discussion of strategies and options among employees, regardless of their position.
  • Your customers no longer simply want things to work; they want products that please and delight them. Creating a great user experience is no longer just “nice;” it’s essential.

Simply put, organizations need to embrace continual change, leverage copious data, and adapt to a marketplace in which customers’ needs and desires truly come first. Those that can will survive; those that can’t face failure.

The kind of leadership needed for these nimble, responsive organizations isn’t taught in traditional management programs. It’s been worked out in practice by the engineers, designers, programmers, and data scientists who are living it. They have created companies that activate leadership at every level, from small, task-driven working groups to the board room.

This is core of Cultivate: growing talent for leadership within organizations, not from managers assigned to lead engineers or designers, but by identifying and encouraging designers and engineers with the ability to lead.

A crucial element of this new business model is an organization’s culture. At Cultivate, we’ll explore the values, practices, and structures that enable organizations to respond with agility to changes in their products and the marketplace.

If you need to learn about growing teams within your organization; training the leadership it needs now and in the future; and creating processes that work (rather than work against you), you need to be at Cultivate. Learn from the leaders who have been through this before; meet others who are also struggling to build their businesses; and work with us to cultivate the leadership and organizational understanding we’ll need for the next century.