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Make Data Work
Sept 29–Oct 1, 2015 • New York, NY

Data inclusion for all

Alex Kelly (General Motors), Kim Le (General Motors)
1:15pm–1:55pm Wednesday, 09/30/2015
Design, User Experience, & Visualization
Location: 3D 03/10 Level: Non-technical
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The goal for this session is for everyone to walk away understanding how data inclusion is something we all must work to fix, as it’s not an issue isolated to people with disabilities. I will show how the lack of proper insights hinder everyone (regardless of disability status) from taking quick, appropriate, and intuitive action on any data-driven insight. This session will specifically cover the following topics:

  • Being inclusive with data: We will dive head-first by showing some of the current issues with our data visualizations and tools. I will demonstrate how a person with various disabilities would use the tool, and highlight the biggest blockers. I will then prove that these issues are not something that is isolated to people with disabilities, and motivate everyone to take action to resolve these issues.
  • Proper insight creation: Humans lie, a lot. When there’s personal bias put into a data visualization, very little can be trusted. This portion of the talk will show how we need to restructure our thinking on proper insight generation so that we can react more quickly to all issues.
Photo of Alex Kelly

Alex Kelly

General Motors

Alex Kelly is currently a software development manager for General Motors who is very passionate about Big Data, IoT, Cars, Planes, and many other things. Before General Motors, Alex worked for Microsoft as a Product Manager on the Power BI team where he became familiar with many Big Data Tools. He passionately believes technology is the gateway to changing the world, and his goal is to empower everyone with technology.

In his free time, he usually can be found acting as a consultant for startups where he focuses on UX, UI, team/culture building, and service technologies.

Photo of Kim Le

Kim Le

General Motors

Kim Le is currently a Program Manager for General Motors with a proven track record in leading large scales initiatives in the Sales and Marketing & Finance space. She holds a Masters in Management Information System and is passionate about providing technology that will help drive to better utilization of data for everyone.

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Picture of Alex Kelly
Alex Kelly
09/29/2015 8:15pm EDT

Also, I do intend on uploading the slides I’m using for this presentation. The slides will contain a full narrative so that we can include those who have hearing and visual impairments. The slides may be slightly different from the presentation; however, we will do our best to ensure they’re updated.

Picture of Alex Kelly
Alex Kelly
09/29/2015 8:05pm EDT

Look forward to seeing the turnout today!

Also, if there are any developers who are looking for a new position, I’ll be wearing a blue shirt that says “WE’RE HIRING DEVELOPERS GM IT” Definitely reach out and grab me at any time during the conference!