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Sept 29–Oct 1, 2015 • New York, NY

Ethical big data - what's legal and what's right

Steven Totman (Cloudera), Sam Heywood (Cloudera), Nick Curcuru (Mastercard)
5:25pm–6:05pm Wednesday, 09/30/2015
Law, Ethics, & Open Data
Location: 3D 04/09 Level: Non-technical
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While technologies like Hadoop offer amazing opportunities to use data, as a Gartner Analyst commented: it’s important to stop big data “crossing the creepy line.” Governance and security experts from Cloudera and MasterCard will discuss the legal and ethical usage of big data. This will include what’s legal and some of the specific legal restrictions that vary dramatically between countries and states, as well as what’s right – how to make sure your big data usage never crosses the creepy line.

Fundamentally, ethical behavior drives trust. They are inseparably linked. If we want customers to trust us, and to continue to do business with us, and not to ask their representatives to shut us down, then we must design and execute an ethical framework on data usage for all data (not just big). Companies will also need to consider creating an Ethical Chief Data Officer role to enable and support this framework.

Photo of Steven Totman

Steven Totman


Steven Totman is Cloudera’s big data subject-matter expert, helping companies monetize their big data assets using Cloudera’s Enterprise Data Hub. Steve works with over 180 customers worldwide and helps across verticals in architectures around data management tools, data models, and ethical data usage. Previously, Steve ran strategy for a mainframe-to-Hadoop company and drove product strategy at IBM for DataStage and Information Server after joining with the Ascential acquisition. He architected IBM’s Infosphere product suite and led the design and creation of governance and metadata products like Business Glossary and Metadata Workbench. Steve holds several patents in data integration and governance- and metadata-related designs. Although he is based in NYC, Steve is happiest onsite with customers wherever they may be in the world.

Photo of Sam Heywood

Sam Heywood


Sam Heywood is responsible for driving Cloudera’s portfolio of security technologies. He is a seasoned product and marketing executive with leadership experience at several notable technology startups and is well versed in systems management, online CRM platforms, consumer eCommerce, and security technologies. Prior to Cloudera, Sam was VP products and marketing for Gazzang, leading global product innovation and delivery, corporate marketing, and demand generation programs. Sam was senior director of products at uShip, driving the company’s expansion into multiple product lines spanning the consumer retail and commercial freight markets. Sam also held product and marketing management roles at Convio, leading development of a new business line based upon, and product development roles at Tivoli. Sam holds an MBA from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin, where he received a B.S. in computer sciences.

Photo of Nick Curcuru

Nick Curcuru


Nick Curcuru is vice president of enterprise information management at Mastercard, where he’s responsible for leading a team that works with organizations to generate revenue through smart data, architect next-generation technology platforms, and protect data assets from cyberattacks by leveraging Mastercard’s information technology and information security resources and creating peer-to-peer collaboration with their clients. Nick brings over 20 years of global experience successfully delivering large-scale advanced analytics initiatives for such companies as the Walt Disney Company, Capital One, Home Depot, Burlington Northern Railroad, Merrill Lynch, Nordea Bank, and GE. He frequently speaks on big data trends and data security strategy at conferences and symposiums, has published several articles on security, revenue management, and data security, and has contributed to several books on the topic of data and analytics.