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Make Data Work
Sept 29–Oct 1, 2015 • New York, NY

Value in the details - understanding data through visual exploration

Richard Brath (Uncharted Software), Rob Harper (Uncharted)
11:20am–12:00pm Wednesday, 09/30/2015
Design, User Experience, & Visualization
Location: 3D 03/10 Level: Non-technical
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Analysts and data scientists work with large amounts of data, but the common approach, which dates back 20 years, is to roll up all the data into summary tables or charts, resulting in loss of detail. In contrast, direct visual exploratory analysis of massive amounts of raw data can yield insights that are otherwise overlooked.

In financial markets, most participants simply track the price of a security rather than all the underlying activity of buy and sell orders. By plotting all the data, various patterns appear, such as macro-level pricing strategies down to specifics such as consolidation around particular price points. The approach is broadly applicable — for instance, in social media data over time, macro-patterns such as periodicity may appear and micro-patterns such as popularity are revealed. Looking beyond the immediate use of exploratory analysis, the approach can be effective for monitoring to detect new, emerging patterns; or in fraud-type applications, to see anomalies.

This presentation will highlight high-density visualizations that directly plot hundreds of millions of data points for applications such as market opportunity, periodicity analysis, and anomaly identification.

Photo of Richard Brath

Richard Brath

Uncharted Software

Richard Brath is a partner at Uncharted Software. Richard has been designing and building innovative information visualizations for 20 years, ranging from one of the first interactive 3D financial visualizations on the web in 1995 to visualizations embedded in financial data systems used every day by thousands of market professionals. Richard is pursuing a PhD in new data visualization techniques at LSBU.

Photo of Rob Harper

Rob Harper


Rob Harper is partner, lead product architect at Uncharted, and has been building technical platforms and products in the visualization industry for a decade. Over the past number of years Rob has been focusing on development of web-based HTML5 technology approaches for big data.