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Make Data Work
Sept 29–Oct 1, 2015 • New York, NY


Adam Devine (WorkFusion)
4:10pm–4:30pm Tuesday, 09/29/2015
Location: 1 E14/1 E15 Level: Non-technical
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Data is the business world’s most valuable asset; but quickly and efficiently turning unknown, unstructured, or unproven data into quality data is still a labor-intensive, fragmented, and risky process. Outsourcing delivers diminishing returns, point solutions are fragmented and error-prone, and IT projects have high failure rates. However, pairing machine learning with large human workforces in a cloud service improves workforce agility, trains durable and adaptable automation, and radically increases enterprise productivity.

Speakers from the academic, business, and software worlds will provide both a look at the future of knowledge work in the era of smart machines as well as practical, present-day case studies from enterprise users. This session will:

  • Define human-in-the-loop computing for data executives
  • Explain its application within data operations
  • Compare and contrast this model to legacy models
  • Predict the long-term application and evolution of machine learning in data-driven business
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Adam Devine


Adam Devine leads product marketing for WorkFusion, a SaaS platform for collecting, cleansing, and controlling data. Adam has 15 years of experience growing businesses through product marketing, including product positioning, market intelligence, messaging, and content creation. He began his career in management consulting at BearingPoint’s Banking & Capital Markets practice. Adam speaks frequently about human-machine collaboration, machine learning, and automation at conferences, including FIMA, FISD, Massolution, MarketTech, NAFIS, NFAIS, and SIIA.