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Sept 29–Oct 1, 2015 • New York, NY

LIVE from New York: An introduction to Linked Immersive Visualization Environments

Margit Zwemer (LiquidLandscape)
2:05pm–2:45pm Thursday, 10/01/2015
Design, User Experience, & Visualization
Location: 3D 03/10 Level: Non-technical
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Financial markets are a highly adversarial data environment, in which the ability to quickly analyze and understand data provides a decisive advantage. In such an environment, flexibility, speed, and most importantly, human intuition are key to gaining insight. Data visualizations are a core tool for enhancing analyst effectiveness.

LIVE is a collection of technologies and visualizations with the overarching goal of improving situational awareness of real-time data, by utilizing low-latency, linked visualizations to create an immersive data exploration environment. Best-in-breed visualizations can be combined to create a highly responsive system where near-instant feedback from the machine allows the operator to visually explore and query their data in real time.

In this talk, we will address the technological and design challenges that arise from building linked data visualizations that can function at the speed and scale necessary for visualizing financial markets data, including:

  • How to use multiple visualizations to view complex relationships among various data dimensions and data sources
  • Employing a common visual grammar across many different visualizations
  • Utilizing multiple visualization technologies in a single system, including d3, WebGL, and WebVR
  • Latency and state, how to increase immersion by decreasing reaction time for interactive visualizations
  • UI, UX, and user testing to design intuitive workflows for the financial domain.
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Margit Zwemer


Margit Zwemer is the founder of data visualization company LiquidLandscape. She was formerly a data scientist at Kaggle, and algorithmic trader at Societe Generale.