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Make Data Work
Feb 17–20, 2015 • San Jose, CA

Alexander Prinz
Project Lead Big Data Analytics, Lufthansa Airlines


Alexander is the project lead for big data analytics at Lufthansa Airlines and is involved in architecting key analytics transformation initiatives at Lufthansa. An expert in econometrics, Alexander taps into the power of statistical analysis to forecast customer behaviour and develop highly personalised customer interaction such as marketing campaigns and web site personalization. As such Alexander is always looking for new innovative solutions to provide the best possible offers and promotions to customers. Prior to Lufthansa, Alexander worked as a lecturer at the Warsaw School of Economics and was a research assistant at the Institute for Statistics and Econometrics in Mainz, Germany. Previously he worked as an apprentice banker and public relations manager at Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt. Alexander is a regular lecturer at Frankfurt School of Finance and Management conducting professional training on statistical traps and analytical possibilities as well as on big data developments. Alexander is listed on the Marquis ‘Who’s who in the world’ list, authored a textbook on econometrics and is regularly published in industry trade journals. Alexander holds a doctorate in econometrics.


11:20am–11:50am Wednesday, 02/18/2015
Data-Driven Business Day, Sponsored
Location: LL20 A.
Moderated by:
Arnab Chakraborty (Accenture)
Alexander Prinz (Lufthansa Airlines), Reena Tiwari (Cisco Systems Inc.)
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This panel discussion will focus on how organizations can find value, equity and business opportunities in their data supply chain. The modern enterprise data supply chain allows organizations to move, manage and mobilize an ever-increasing amount of data across the organization for consumption by people and things. Read more.