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Feb 17–20, 2015 • San Jose, CA
Subutai Ahmad

Subutai Ahmad
VP Research, Numenta, Inc.

Website | @numenta

Subutai Ahmad is the VP of Research at Numenta, a company focused on Machine Intelligence. Our technology, Hierarchical Temporal Memory (HTM), is a detailed computational framework based on principles of the brain. Our HTM learning algorithms are available through the NuPIC open source community and are embedded in our commercial streaming analytics applications.

Subutai’s experience includes computational neuroscience, machine learning, computer vision and building real time commercial systems. He has previously served as VP Engineering at YesVideo where he helped grow the company from a three-person start-up to a leader in automated digital media authoring. In 1997, Subutai co-founded ePlanet Interactive, a spin-off from Interval Research. ePlanet developed the IntelPlay Me2Cam, the first computer vision product developed for consumers.

Subutai holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Cornell University, and a Ph.D in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. While pursing his Ph.D, Subutai completed a thesis on computational neuroscience models of visual attention.


2:20pm–3:00pm Friday, 02/20/2015
Machine Data / IoT
Location: LL21 E/F
Subutai Ahmad (Numenta, Inc.)
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The unprecedented increase in streaming data sources requires a new approach to analytical algorithms. Systems must be highly automated, adapt to changing statistics, and naturally deal with temporal data streams. They must require no batch training and should deploy custom models on the fly. It will be impossible to build scalable practical systems without these properties. Read more.