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Make Data Work
Feb 17–20, 2015 • San Jose, CA
Tatsiana Maskalevich

Tatsiana Maskalevich
Manager - Data Science, Stitch Fix


Tatsiana Maskalevich is a data scientist at Silicon Valley Data Science.
Blending both industrial and academic research, Tatsiana is expert at solving hard business problems. She brings a background in both mathematics and statistics, and has deep experience researching and implementing models for predicting user behavior.


1:30pm–2:10pm Thursday, 02/19/2015
Law, Ethics & Open Data
Location: LL21 B
Tatsiana Maskalevich (Stitch Fix)
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(4.00, 3 ratings)
During the last government shutdown, on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart," John Oliver noted that congress has a 90% retention rate despite a 10% approval rating. Why? Gerrymandering has become a prime suspect. Is this true, or just truthy? Come find out how a state with a 51% Democrat, 49% Republican electorate enjoys a lopsided congressional delegation of 4 Democrats and 9 Republicans. Read more.
4:00pm–4:40pm Thursday, 02/19/2015
Business & Industry
Location: LL20 BC
Moderated by:
Alistair Croll (Solve For Interesting)
Jeremy Edberg (MinOps), Jerry Overton (DXC), Tatsiana Maskalevich (Stitch Fix), Anne Johnson (Credit Suisse)
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Ruthless optimization squeezes every ounce of advantage from the current business model. But it takes a leap of faith—not something the numbers tend to encourage—to truly innovate. When we’re informed by data, are we blinded by opportunity? Or does data pave the way for the best innovations, forcing us to take a harder look at bad ideas that will never work out? Read more.
11:30am–12:10pm Friday, 02/20/2015
Ask Us Anything
Location: 211 B
Manu Mukerji (8x8), John Akred (Silicon Valley Data Science), Stephen O'Sullivan (Data Whisperers), Tatsiana Maskalevich (Stitch Fix), Harrison Mebane (Silicon Valley Data Science)
What does successful big data and data science really look like? As consultants out in the field, we've learned a lot of lessons and have great stories to tell about success, failure, and how to negotiate a path through a fast-moving technology landscape. Read more.