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Feb 17–20, 2015 • San Jose, CA
Danyel Fisher

Danyel Fisher
Principal Design Researcher,

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Danyel Fisher is a Senior Researcher in information visualization and human-computer interaction at Microsoft Research’s VIBE group. His research focuses on ways to help users interact with data more easily. His recent work has looked at ways to make big data analytics faster and more interactive with incremental visualization. This is a core design principle of “Tempe”, a big data analytics and exploration project at Microsoft Research. Danyel received his MS from UC Berkeley, and his PhD from UC Irvine.


11:30am–12:10pm Friday, 02/20/2015
Design & Interfaces
Location: LL21 B
Danyel Fisher (, Miriah Meyer (University of Utah)
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We lots of things "data visualization," from a news interactive, to spreadsheets, to an infographic counting calories. These surface similarities hide deep differences in what it means to interact with data. In this talk, we cross disciplines—from data science to design—to enliven our techniques and encourage us to try new methods for creating visualizations. Read more.
1:30pm–2:10pm Friday, 02/20/2015
Office Hour
Location: Table B
Danyel Fisher (
Data visualization pro Danyel Fisher is available to discuss your biggest viz challenges. Find out how to tool for visualization, and how you can use visualization to understand and explore big data. Read more.