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Make Data Work
Feb 17–20, 2015 • San Jose, CA

Real World Use Cases: Hadoop and NoSQL in Production

Ted Dunning (MapR, now part of HPE), Ellen Friedman (Independent)
10:40am–11:20am Thursday, 02/19/2015
Location: 210 D/H
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What’s important about a technology is what you can use it to do. We’ve looked at what a number of groups are doing with Apache Hadoop and NoSQL in production, and we’d like to relay what worked well for them and what did not. Drawing from real world use cases, we show how people who understand these new approaches can employ them well in conjunction with traditional approaches and existing applications. Among the examples presented, we examine the use of a Hadoop and NoSQL foundation to detect security threats in financial settings, to optimize data warehouse utilization, to improve marketing efficiency in a cost-effective way and to build a huge biometric database with the goal of changing society. The examples presented should be helpful to business audiences and developers alike.

There are consistent themes in successful projects that aren’t what most people expect. We will describe some of the themes we have found in our survey of projects.

This session is sponsored by MapR Technologies

Photo of Ted Dunning

Ted Dunning

MapR, now part of HPE

Ted Dunning has been involved with a number of startups with the latest being MapR Technologies where he is Chief Application Architect working on advanced Hadoop-related technologies. He is also a PMC member for the Apache Zookeeper and Mahout projects. Opinionated about software and data-mining and passionate about open source, he is an active participant of Hadoop and related communities and loves helping projects get going with new technologies.

Photo of Ellen Friedman

Ellen Friedman


Ellen Friedman is a solutions consultant, scientist and author, currently writing about a variety of open source and big data topics including being co-author of Mahout in Action (Manning), the Practical Machine Learning series from O’Reilly, and the newest title, Time Series Databases (O’Reilly). She is a committer on the Apache Mahout project, a contributor to Apache Drill and has been an invited speaker at Berlin Buzzwords 2013, the Philly ETE 2014 conference and keynote speaker for NoSQL Matters 2014 in Barcelona. With a Ph.D. in biochemistry and years of work writing on a variety of scientific and computing topics, she is an experienced communicator. She’s also co-author of a book of magic-themed cartoons, A Rabbit Under the Hat.

Follow on Twitter as @Ellen_Friedman.