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Feb 17–20, 2015 • San Jose, CA

Purposeful Education with Job Market Data for Students, Educators, and Institutions

Jike Chong (Simply Hired)
2:40pm–3:00pm Friday, 02/20/2015
Data Science
Location: LL20 A
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Tremendous information gaps exist between students and educational institutions on one side and the job market on the other. Students make pre-career choices in the absence of clear job market information, and educational institutions face serious challenges in developing curricula that balance student needs with the demands of rapidly changing labor markets, all in an environment of ever-tightening budgets.

Educational institutions can be at risk of losing millions of dollars of performance-based state funding as states like Florida begin to tie public institution funding to performance metrics. These metrics can involve not only educational outcomes but student performance in the job market. This raises many important questions related to the approaches educational institutions use to quantify how well they serve their students. On the student side, how can student aspirations be quantified? How can big data help to actively guide students through complex career and pre-career decisions and how can the results of this process better inform the choices made by educators and administrators?

This session reviews the challenges of quantifying educational institution performance, and presents how we can use big data from the job market to begin to bridge existing information gaps between students, educational institutions, and employment markets themselves.

Specifically, we will share how career path recommendation can drive innovation in education, allowing classroom focus and curriculum to respond to informed student needs—assisting in making education more responsive to 21st century labor markets and accelerating economic growth.

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Jike Chong

Simply Hired

Jike Chong heads Data Science at Simply Hired, the most comprehensive job search engine that indexes over 10M jobs everyday, attracting more than 30 million monthly unique visitors, and serving hundreds of thousands of employers in 24 countries. He specializes in building data science teams to increase companies’ enterprise values through noticing, observing and assessing opportunities in the market place, and putting in-place data-driven product and services that impacts enterprise valuation. Jike is an inventor of 7 granted and pending US patents and is also an adjunct professor at Carnegie Mellon University where he co-founded and co-directs a parallel computing teaching center and research center.