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Feb 17–20, 2015 • San Jose, CA

National Drug Index: Revealing Prescription Inflation in the US

AJ Loiacono (Truveris)
3:30pm–3:45pm Wednesday, 02/18/2015
Data-Driven Business Day
Location: LL20 A.
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With drug inflation far outpacing inflation for the rest of the economy, consumers, companies, and government entities are struggling to understand one of the primary components of health care costs. Drug inflation has always been difficult to measure, since the information is published infrequently, often annually, with a high degree of variance between the reporting organizations. To solve this problem Truveris utilizes its database of 1.5 billion prescription claims and publishes a national drug index to report consumer pricing changes on a monthly basis. Made available to the general public at no cost, the national drug index provides an accurate assessment of inflation for generic, brand, and specialty drugs in the United States.

AJ Loiacono


A.J. Loiacono is a co-founder of Truveris. In his current role as the Chief Innovation Officer, his responsibilities include product development, strategic planning and enterprise partnerships. A.J. is a serial entrepreneur and has fifteen years of experience in the software development industry. Prior to Truveris, A.J. was a co-founder and Partner with SMS, a software development firm specializing in transactional software solutions for national realtors. A.J. also founded Victrix, an information technology company providing support and implementation services for enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. As the company’s President, A.J. led Victrix to record growth over five years and successfully negotiated the sale of the firm. In addition to his involvement with Victrix, AJ served as a Partner with Artemis Venture Capital.