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Make Data Work
Feb 17–20, 2015 • San Jose, CA

Making Business Model Innovation More of a (Data) Science

9:50am–10:10am Wednesday, 02/18/2015
Data-Driven Business Day
Location: LL20 A.
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Entirely new industries are forming as the result of business model innovations. But discovering these disruptive ideas is, still, largely a matter of trial and error. We need faster, more effective ways of testing out new business model designs.

In this talk, we show you leading-edge use of Data Science in testing business model designs. We explain ways simulation can lead to smarter market entry strategies and demonstrate using a real-world example.


  • The Rise of the Disruptive Business Model
  • Trial and Error in Business Model Innovation
  • Data Science Simulations
  • Smarter Strategies through Simulation
  • A Real-World Example
  • The Future: Making Business Model Innovation More of a (Data) Science
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Jerry Overton


Jerry Overton is a data scientist and distinguished technologist in DXC’s Analytics Group, where he is the principal data scientist for industrial machine learning, a strategic alliance between DXC and Microsoft comprising enterprise-scale applications across six different industries: banking and capital markets, energy and technology, insurance, manufacturing, healthcare, and retail. Jerry is the author of Going Pro in Data Science: What It Takes to Succeed as a Professional Data Scientist (O’Reilly) and teaches the O’Reilly training course Mastering Data Science at Enterprise Scale. In his blog, Doing Data Science, Jerry shares his experience leading open research and transforming organizations using data science.

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Jerry Overton
02/09/2015 11:40am PST

Thanks for checking out my talk. Here’s a blog I wrote as a companion to the presentation: