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Make Data Work
Feb 17–20, 2015 • San Jose, CA

Playing Nice in the Product Playground: Data Scientists, Engineers, and Product Managers working together to create innovative data products

Anu Tewary (Intuit), Lucian Lita (Yoyo Labs), Jonathan Goldman (Intuit)
11:30am–12:10pm Friday, 02/20/2015
Data Science
Location: LL20 A
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Data scientists navel gazing in a corner. Engineers not thinking, just refactoring. Product just making slides. That’s no way to build data products.

Is it even possible to have them play well together, without promising free lunches, unlimited gummy bears, and a Red Bull IV?

We share our experience about what worked and what didn’t, both in a startup (Level Up Analytics) and in a big company (Intuit) environment. We applied our learnings simultaneously on dozens of small teams working on products ranging from building analytics platforms, search, tax preparation, music streaming recommendation, a hedge fund, and mapping of the knowledge genome (is that a thing?!)

Come learn how to play well together.

Photo of Anu Tewary

Anu Tewary


Anuranjita Tewary is Director of Product Management at Intuit. She was a founder at Level Up Analytics, which was acquired by Intuit. Her previous roles have been data scientist at LinkedIn, and product management at AdMob and Microsoft. Anu is the founder of The Technovation Challenge, a global programming and entrepreneurship program for girls. The program is in its fifth year and has had over 3,500 participants from over 40 different countries. Anu holds a PhD in Applied Physics from Stanford and BS degrees in Physics and Math with Computer Science from MIT.

Photo of Lucian Lita

Lucian Lita

Yoyo Labs

Director of data engineering at Intuit. Previously founder of Level Up Analytics (now Intuit), lead engineering, analytics at BlueKai (now Oracle), data scientist at Siemens healthcare. Received his PhD in computer science from Carnegie Mellon.

Photo of Jonathan Goldman

Jonathan Goldman


Jonathan is Director of Data Science and Analytics at Intuit. He co-founded Level Up Analytics, a premier data science consulting company focused on data science, big data, and analytics which Intuit acquired in 2013. From 2006–2009 he led the product analytics team at LinkedIn which was responsible for creating new data driven products. While at LinkedIn he invented the People You May Know product and algorithm which was directly responsible for getting millions of users connected and more engaged with LinkedIn. He received a PhD in physics in 2005 from Stanford where he worked on quantum computing and a BS in physics from MIT.

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Picture of Anu Tewary
Anu Tewary
03/16/2015 9:14am PDT

Our slides are available here:

Picture of Jo Ramos
Jo Ramos
02/26/2015 1:55am PST

Great session that you delivered, any chance you can share the slides you presented?